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Mini Poodle- Merle -MP-02

Male Mini Poodle


Mini poodle Merle with his curly hair, super beautiful. Intelligent and friendly with everyone and also with other pets. It will be your faithful companion for many years.

 He is Beautiful, he has very Healthy hair!


- Health certificate

- Purity Record

- Microchip

- Vaccination Certificate (NEOPAR) (5-WAY)

- Dewormers (Pyrantel) (Safeguard)

- Food (Royal Canin)

- Three-day guarantee for any viral illness.

- Six-month guarantee for any congenital disease.


- There is no refund.

If you want to meet this cuteness face to face through FACETIME, call 787.240.3103


For more information you can also call 787.212.8222 or 787-546-1557.

Mini Poodle- Merle -MP-02

  • Do you want to make me part of your family? We can meet through FaceTime! 

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