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Pug Merle Machito

Pugs are sturdy little dogs with an average weight between 14-18 pounds. With a wrinkled face and large bright eyes, these canines have a distinctive charm. They are ideal for small spaces, and their compact size makes them perfect for urban families.

Advantages for families: Pugs are known for being excellent family companions. Affectionate and loyal, they love the company of children and adults alike. Their playful temperament makes them excellent playmates for little ones. Despite their size, they are brave and always ready to protect their family. Easy to train and with a low desire to roam, pugs are also suitable for people without dog training experience. Additionally, their sociable nature makes them perfect for family interactions and visits. A pug is not only a pet, but a member of the home!


- Microchip

- Vaccination Certificate (NEOPAR) (5-WAY)

- Dewormers (Pyrantel) (Safeguard)

- Food (Royal Canin)

- 3-day guarantee for any viral illness.

- Six-month guarantee for any congenital disease.




For more information you can also call 787-212-8222 or 787.546.1557

Pug Merle Machito

  • - Microchip

    - Dewormers

    - Vaccination record

    - Flea and Tick Treatment

    - Food sample

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