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Mini Sheepadoodle Female ShD-07

"Discover the charming Mini Sheepadoodle, a perfect mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Miniature Poodle. These compact-sized dogs are known for their adorable appearance and soft, curly coat.

Mini Sheepadoodles are loyal and loving companions, ideal for families and people of all ages. They are intelligent and easy to train, making them obedient and versatile dogs.

This breed inherits the best qualities of its parents. They are friendly and sociable dogs, both with other animals and with people. Additionally, they have a playful energy and love to participate in outdoor activities, such as walks and games.

The Mini Sheepadoodle is a dog that stands out for its intelligence and ability to adapt. They are excellent companions and are always ready to provide love and fun to their families.



- Health certificate

- Microchip

- Vaccination Certificate (NEOPAR) (5-WAY)

- Dewormers (Pyrantel) (Safeguard)

- Food (Royal Canin)

- 7-day guarantee for any viral illness.

- Six-month guarantee for any congenital disease.


For more information you can also call 787.546.1557 or 787.212.8222

Mini Sheepadoodle Female ShD-07

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