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Origin of the cockapoo


The first recognized cockapoo specimens were born in the 1950s. They did so in the United States, where they became very popular in a short time. They turned out to be beautiful and striking puppies, so it didn't take long for them to reach other countries, until they were present all over the world. The breed is not officially recognized by international cynological organizations, which classify it as a hybrid or mixed breed. This fact means that there is no official breed standard, so all individuals resulting from a cross between an English cocker spaniel and a standard poodle can automatically be considered a cockapoo.


Cockapoo Characteristics


Cockapoos are medium-sized dogs, because although there is great variability between one specimen and another, the average body weight is between 5 and 10 kilograms, with their usual height being between 25 and 40 centimeters. They are dogs of great longevity, since their average life expectancy ranges between 14 and 18 years.


The appearance of these dogs depends fundamentally on the predominant genetic load in them. In this way, there will be specimens that are almost identical to either a poodle or a cocker spaniel, having, for example, the square muzzle of cockers or the white coat of poodles. There are also specimens in which the balance between both parent races is perfect, having characteristics of one and the other in equal measure.


In general, the most uniform characteristic shared by all specimens is that they are medium-sized, have long ears that fall over their cheeks, and that their fur is long and wavy. They are also considered one of the ideal dog breeds for people with allergies to dog hair, as they hardly lose hair and are considered hypoallergenic.


The cockapoo puppy


Already from puppies it can be easy to distinguish "who the cockapoo came from", seeing if it looks more like a poodle or a cocker. Without a doubt you can already see that they are active dogs, although not too nervous, playful and very happy. They are especially affectionate puppies and they love that we are with them all the time, as they are very attached and follow their owners wherever they go. This may mean that when we have to go out and they stay at home, they cry and bark a lot, because of the anxiety this generates in them, something to which we will pay more attention in the training section.


cockapoo colors


Since there is no official standard for this hybrid breed, all colors of the parent breeds are "accepted." Thus, there are puppies, white, black, gray, liver, blonde, chocolate or tuxedo, in addition to 50% mixtures between them, with black-and-white or chocolate, red or blonde mixed with white, as well as roans being common.


Cockapoo character


Cockapoos are usually very good-natured dogs. They are sociable, extremely affectionate, they love company and attention, intelligent and active. They are popular as therapy and assistance dogs due to their kindness and balanced nature.


These are dogs that establish strong bonds with their loved ones, and not only with people, but also with other dogs or pets. This causes them to show behaviors that demonstrate their love for their owners, such as following them around the house, sitting on their feet or demanding affection and attention in the most endearing and fun ways.


But, this also means that they do not tolerate loneliness, so they are not a good choice if we usually spend a lot of time at work or away from home in general. In these cases, cockapoos often develop problems such as anxiety, depression or even show destructive or aggressive behaviors.


Cockapoo care


Cockapoos need us to give them a series of attention to be in the best condition. The main and most important thing to be balanced is without a doubt that we dedicate as much time and affection to them as possible, because then we will have a happy and cheerful pet. In terms of basic care, it is important that we provide them with a balanced diet adjusted to their energy and nutritional needs. Combined with good hydration and daily exercise.


Their fur requires daily brushing, as its length and wavy nature can cause knots and tangles to form, which may even require us to cut them because they are impossible to undo. Baths can be done from time to time to eliminate the smell of the fur, as some owners say that otherwise they can smell.


cockapoo education


Cockapoos are extremely intelligent dogs, as well as very attentive, so their training is usually quite bearable. They are good as assistance dogs, something they have been trained to do since the origin of the breed. The coaches highlight his tenacity, sometimes translated into stubbornness, and willingness to learn and work.


A factor that can pose some problems for us is that, being very dependent and loving company, they can show separation anxiety. This is often accompanied by endless barking and crying. So it is important that we know what separation anxiety is, as well as the different techniques that exist to treat it. One of them is the use of the kong to treat separation anxiety, a technique that has proven to be very effective if done precisely.

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