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Toy POODLE -Female TPA-05

 Toy Poodle Red poodle girl with green eyes, red nose and her little white spot on the chest, very different and rare for them. She is very playful, attentive and loving. He is very intelligent and very special. Ready to give love to your home, our puppies are raised around children.


He will weigh approximately 7-9 pounds as an adult.


- Health certificate

- Microchip

- Vaccination Certificate (NEOPAR) (5-WAY)

- Dewormers (Pyrantel) (Safeguard)

- Food (Royal Canin)

- 3-day guarantee for any viral illness.

- Six-month guarantee for any congenital disease.


If you want to meet this cuteness face to face through FACETIME, call 787.240.3103


For more information you can also call 787-212-8222 or 787.546.1557

Toy POODLE -Female TPA-05

  • - Microchip

    - Dewormers

    - Vaccination record

    - Flea and Tick Treatment

    - Kennel

    - Health certificate

    - Food sample

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